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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is breaking news. >> a country music singer is dead.
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>> police in arkansas say mindy mccready died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. she became famous for her personal problems. she was arrested for fraudulently obtaining pain killers, and she violated that probation for a drowned rat -- drunk driving arrest in 2005. she checked into a rehab recently. her death was reported as a suicide, but police recently opened an investigation. a local family is mourning the loss of their loved one tonight killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> tom is live. you say the man fell before he was hurt. >> where he fell is right behind me. apparently he was trying to do
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cross the street. you see those markings. that was left by police. that is exactly where he fell. he was hit by a car, and it kept going. no one has seen it since. >> he was the youngest of three boys. last night he left no home to spend a night in the city. an hour later he would be dead, the victim of a hit-and-run driver. >> without stopping to do anything, that is dehumanizing. >> he is a caring person who work with people with mental and physical disabilities. he planned to go to college.
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>> he was going to be a millionaire. the family says this was hard enough to deal with. >> we can try to get some sort of closure. >> relatives hoped a conscience will get the better of them. >> his nieces going to miss him. >> they say it happened at the metro station. as far as the vehicle, it was initially described as a white buick. police are hoping other witnesses will come forward.
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>> we are learning more about the university of maryland student who was murdered over night. police are looking for the person who was responsible. >> we are looking to have fun and you hear this. >> students learn about the death of the 21-year-old. >> it makes you wonder what could possibly happen to you. it is a scary thing. >> officers admit they found st. clair lying on the ground with stab wounds in his torso. >> you have to wonder, if they
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are going to hurt you. >> this video shows st. clair wrapping under. they will remember the junior biology major as someone who has a lot of potential. >> it is going to be difficult. >> we are told the students were notified of the crimes. >> we have learned on the same day, the sister of a coronagirl sitting behind the president was killed. police say the 18-road was shot in the head friday night. -- 18-year-old was shot in the head friday night.
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she was killed in chicago. a girl is fighting for her life after she was pulled from her burning home. she is one of several family members who made it out alive. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> that is right. a couple of developments, a family friend gave us a call and said that three-year-old girl remains in critical condition. police put out a press release. investigators returned to the scene of a house fire that nearly claimed the life of a
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little girl. authorities say early sunday morning three family members escaped. four others had to be rescued from of home filling up with smoke. >> those fires are critical. according to a police report, and the man threatened to kill the injured girl's mother and try to kick her. he has been charged with assault and making a threat. morgan works with the mother of the child. she says she considers the child to be like a niece. >> she is very smart, always energetic. this is like family for me.
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>> they are also praying for the recovery of that growth. -- girl. we should point out the man who was charged with assault and for making a threat has not been charged. no charges have been filed in connection with the fire. we should point out members of law enforcement said they found a pack of matches that had blood on it. >> after the cold, are we in for more of the same. >> as we move into the day tomorrow, not as much wind. temperatures range from 23
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degrees in cumberland, and now 27 lexington park. the big story, the wind chill factory, what it actually feels like outside. waking up tomorrow morning, it will be presidents day. temperatures in the midteens to the word 20's. we will talk about a cold front that is going to eventually bring us some rain. i will tell you when in a couple minutes. >> thousands of people urged president obama on the keystone pipeline. it would carry oil from canada to refineries in the u.s. it would create 20,000 new jobs and health the u.s. become energy independent but opponents say it will destroy
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property and the environment. >> this is about your fundamental right as an american the people will take your property because corporations can make money. >> secretary of state john kerry will be involved, and he will make a recommendation to the president. now the president delayed a decision because of environmental concerns. >> the lights are back on for more than 1000 virginia power customers. they were without power for much of the day, and that is because of a car accident. police say the car crashed into power poles and knocked them down. the crews replaced them this afternoon. >> it is expected to be one of the most contentious issues. how to deal with immigration reform. we may have an idea of the administration's plans after a draft plan of the proposal. it would create a path to
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citizenship. the president also wants to beef up border security and require employees to check the immigration status of new employees. >> not dealing with border security adequately, that tells us he is looking for a partisan image. >> a bipartisan group of senators and is working on its own proposals and hopes to present a bill next month. >> john mccain may have opposed hegel, but he says some republicans should stop the vote. senator mccain said senators have had a reasonable amount of time to get their questions answered. >> 10 years since 100 people were killed inside the rhode
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island nightclub. now we are going to tell you about a permanent memorial being planned in their honor. >> new information tonight about the state of the man accused of slapping a crying child on an airplane. >> a 10-year-old found
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>> a memorial was held in rhode island days before the 10th anniversary of the nightclub fire that killed 100 people. family and friends of those killed were on hand at today's memorial. pyrotechnics ignited. officials hope to break ground on the project later this year. >> and accused of murder suspect even have been cancelled for the olympian. he was arrested and charged with
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the murder of his model girlfriend. >> an airline passenger who slapped a toddler and used a racial slur has lost his job. he was the president of a tech firm. his bosses say they found this offensive and disturbing. he slapped a boy and that was crying when the airplane landed last week. >> police have arrested not a caretaker of a boy found wandering the streets -- have arrested and the caretaker of a boy it found wandering the streets naked and drunk. police say the caretaker was also drawn to and passed out inside her home. deputies found a half-empty bottle of brandy. the boy was taken to the hospital but is expected to be
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ok. >> equally bizarre, there is a competition that has been under way to increase the burmese python population in the everglades. more than 1000 people took part. it turns out more than 60 were captured during the event. and when man captured more than 80 on his own. wildlife officials say the pythons are a danger to the rest of the wildlife in the everglades. >> that is something i would never take part in. >> we do not have to worry about anything like that around here. they like cold weather. >> it is good the cold weather is sticking around for awhile. >> the wind just went right through you. it was up to 40 miles per hour.
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>> is adding up. >> some scattered clouds. it is not going to amount to a lot. the wind chill factor, out of the west-northwest at 12 m.p.h.. it is 14 degrees below average for this time of year. 79 was the record back in 1976. we are not the only ones with below average temperatures. it is 48 degrees. they are freezing tonight. i hard freeze warning in the northern parts of florida. they are looking at freeze warnings. a temperature of 40 degrees tonight. for us it is a different story. a high today of 31. temperatures are slowly falling.
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fredericksburg at around 26 degrees. the core of the really cold air aloft to the north and east of us. 16 at pittsburgh, but the wind chill factor makes it feel a lot colder than that. wind chill factors are going to gradually increase as we move to the overnight hours as hour winds begin to decrease. now today it is going to feel not as windy, plenty of sunshine. temperatures are a lot milder. temperatures are going to bring as clear skies. an area of low pressure and with to the northeast. that is where they continue to intensify. no impact on our area. this is going to happen during the daytime hours on tuesday. tonight is clear and dry. temperatures will fall into the teens in our north and western suburbs.
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future cass will show clouds that are going to start to increase from west to east. this will happen during the evening hours. the frontal system may be able to push a little bit of freezing rain in our northern and western suburbs worth watching during the daytime hours on tuesday before changing. it lifts on out, and colder air will come from behind. winds out of the northwest at 10 or 20 miles per hour. tomorrow is bright and sunny. 45 degrees for the daytime high. southwestern winds will kick in, and that will allow our temperatures to warm. it will not last very long i. highs around the 50's. temperatures on wednesday only in the middle 30's, and thursday
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night into friday watching another storm system that will have a chance for bringing winter weather to our area of. it looks like the winter is changing to rain. >> the gusty winds are going to make a comeback. >> they are coming back tonight. the washington capitals meet in new i'm lorenzo. i work for 47
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>> now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> after a rocky start caps were in new york tonight. they started with a laser. 1-0, capitals, but in the
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second, the rangers tied things up. he gets in the perfect position. he bangs it home. we are tired. watch them and move around. he will score. caps pull the goalie out. final score 2-1. to the nationals, to look in on washington and the rookie of the year, a bright spot for the campaign. that was just the beginning. we are expecting great things for himself and the rest of the team. >> price harbor is out for the world series. >> i think when you said that i got chills.
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i want to get every finger on my hands filled with a ring. that has been my dream since i was five or six years old. the hahas been my biggest goal. >> a tip of the hat to the maryland men's basketball team. number two, duke. the seven-footer 9 rebounds. >> he was tremendous all night and he was great on defense. he was great on those events. -- post defense. i am going to stay at him. for us to make a run down the stretch, we need alex to play at
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that level. >> she takes it all the way down. 73-44. the nba all-star game was played tonight. always high-flying. no exception here. lebron james bowdon on a show. he finished -- puts on a show. kevin durant goes to work. he knows what to do. the west leads with 140-134 late in the fourth. history is made at the daytona qualifying rounds. danica patrick won. is the first woman in the history of the race to do that.
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>> history could be made next week
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>> of florida man is not just a basketball player. he is not just a runner but both. he dribbled for the entire
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marathon. he finished in a little over four hours. he was doing it to raise money for an organization that helps foster kids. officials from the guinness book
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it lacks is just in. -- >> this is just in. 140-138. >> high temperatures in the lower 40's. we may be looking at a winter remakes west of d.c. regent wi -- a
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